Exceptional effort. Exceptional results.


Parks-Hatherley has a unique building process that differs from others in the home building industry.  Our process starts with your thoughts and wishes.  Only you know what you truly desire in a home.  We, at Parks-Hatherley, do not subscribe to the one box theory.  We also understand that size has nothing to do with beauty and quality.  


With personal ques from the owner is how a home should be designed and built.  For instance, a beautiful and agile gazelle would not consider habitating in a desolate land of stone and harsh conditions no more than an equally beautiful parrot fish would consider living in an environment void of water and fresh sea vegetation.  Every one of God's creatures has a unique vision of what a “home” is.  That is what Parks-Hatherley is all about, VISION.  Bringing your Vision to you, delivering to you whatever you determine and believe your home should have within.  We do not pose any limitations nor pass any judgment on what you deem as a necessity in your home.  We are here for one reason, and one reason only - to provide you with the palatial dwelling that you enVision.