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Parks-Hatherley  Certified Graduate Builder

Parks-Hatherley builds custom homes to the taste of the discriminating buyer.  We offer endless possibilities in our custom homes while building dream homes for all budgets.  Superior design and functionality come together in a Parks-Hatherley home to bring the owner a lifetime of enjoyment in homeownership knowing that they have purchased the best.

Parks-Hatherley is establishing an image in the custom home arena by providing luxury home building services to enlightened clientele.  Parks-Hatherley has attained a reputation of value, and we are very accessible to the average home buyer.  Providing the same top-notch quality and attention to detail throughout all of our product lines has earned us our reputation with the most demanding buyers.

Our sales team is available and prepared to assist, provide any necessary guidance, and answer any questions you may have regarding your new home purchase.   

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